Relentless Supports

Phoenix empowers all scholars to overcome academic and personal obstacles that often thwart academic achievement.

Phoenix graduates have shown us that no life circumstance or past decision should limit a young person’s potential for college success. Once a student walks through our doors, they enter a community deeply committed to their growth. Phoenix teachers and staff are passionate about building transformational relationships with students, and our schools offer additional services to help students manage their lives outside of school while also making strides toward high school graduation and college success:

icon-support-team Student Support Team. Consisting of Director of School Culture, two on-site social workers, and Student Support Specialists, the SST dedicates their energy to encouraging building scholarly habits– by whatever means necessary. Phone calls, text messages, home visits, action planning, counseling, and organizing meetings with teachers and adult supporters are just some of their daily efforts.
icon-support-little-scholars On-site Little Scholars Center. Each Phoenix school has a Little Scholars Center to help parenting students succeed academically, and also ensure their kids enter kindergarten in-step with their peers. Students drop their children off at the Little Scholars Center when they come to school in the morning and pick their child up at the end of the school day, while also reading with them during PRoPs and participating in teen-parent programing. With extended hours, Little Scholars staff also support students who wish to meet with teachers after school, have to serve detention, or choose to attend Homework Lab.
icon-support-multi-quarter Multi-Quarter Enrollment Process. Phoenix schools recruit students four times annually– at the beginning of each quarter. If a student who would like to join the Phoenix community, the school works with the student to enroll and begin learning as soon as possible.
icon-support-college-plan Individualized College Planning Center. Because Phoenix schools do not have traditional grade-levels, students are on individualized paths to graduation. Each scholar must reach the same requirements to graduate, but College Services decides which classes the student should prioritize to be ready for college success. With senior seminar classes, College Services also provides extensive support around the college planning process.
icon-support-feather-system S.C.H.O.L.A.R. “Feather” System. Students have the opportunity to earn feathers, a form of merit points, which commend them for upholding one of the seven attributes of scholarship: Service, Community, Hope, Optimism, Learning, Accountability, and Respect. Feathers can be redeemed for small prizes such as Phoenix t-shirts, movie tickets, or meals with teachers.
icon-support-athletics-clubs Athletics, Clubs, and Activities. Phoenix student-athletes are held to high academic and behavioral expectations in order to promote a strong culture of scholarly leadership. Our student-athletes balance the same 9-4 school day while also maintaining high grades and high attendance. We’ve found that sometimes all a struggling student needs to succeed is the support of the basketball team captain and the rest of his team, who all encourage him to raise his grades in order to play in the next game.