Our Solution

Given the right school environment, we believe that all students can defy any odds.

At Phoenix, age is not a factor; language is not a barrier; personal challenges are not excuses. The circumstances that lead students to Phoenix are varied, but the reasons they come to Phoenix are the same. All of our students want to learn and to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Because we fervently believe in students’ incredible potential, we believe that no obstacle can prevent them from succeeding in high school and excelling in college.

The Phoenix model is to design, launch, and operate college preparatory high schools for at-risk students. We recognize that students who have struggled to succeed in traditional public school settings need non-traditional supports. At each Phoenix school, we partner rigorous academics—a longer school day and year, Advanced Placement classes, college class dual enrollment options, a strong culture—with wraparound socio-emotional relentless supports for every single student.

The Phoenix model incorporates the rigorous academics of high expectations and college-prep charter schools and the relentless support techniques of leading youth development organizations for high-risk teenagers. We develop teachers and leaders who believe in the possibility of human change and growth, and who fight tirelessly for better outcomes for kids. The combination of rigor and support paired with the revolutionary staff makes it possible for Phoenix schools to be an agent of change for students who deserve success.