The Phoenix Charter Academy Network manages a growing portfolio of free, open-enrollment, college preparatory public high schools in Massachusetts. Here’s what’s happening.

Phoenix Founder & CEO Beth Anderson featured on podcast

Our very own Beth Anderson, Founder & CEO of the Phoenix Charter Academy Network, was featured on the Reality Check with Jeanne Allen podcast series on June 25, 2018. View the podcast and writeup below, or see the original post here.

Episode 27: CEO Phoenix Charter Academy Network, Beth Anderson

Many passionate ed reformers and teachers in general, come to the profession from other walks of life or different training but Beth Anderson has been a teacher since 1991. She began her career teaching bilingual kindergartners in LA through Teach for America. But it was her work with her students’ young and mostly undereducated parents that sparked her deep commitment to serving adolescents who were disconnected from public education avenues. In 2006, Beth founded Phoenix Academy in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Today, she is the CEO of the successful and continually innovative Phoenix Charter Academy Network. The network has grown to three schools that challenge resilient, disconnected students with rigorous academics and relentless supports so they take ownership of their futures and succeed in high school, college, and as self-sufficient adults.