The Phoenix Charter Academy Network manages a growing portfolio of free, open-enrollment, college preparatory public high schools in Massachusetts. Here’s what’s happening.

Phoenix Academy Lawrence graduate featured in book project giving students voice on their experiences in US public education

Edgardo, a Texas student who emigrated from Mexico, fears he won’t make it to college and will have to survive on minimum-wage jobs.

Ashayla, a Miami high schooler, doesn’t feel safe when cops with dogs and Tasers patrol the classrooms searching around student bags.

DeAndre, a Washington, D.C, student, doesn’t want to see himself and his peers undermined by GPA numbers, because he doesn’t think that alone determines intelligence.

Student voices are like primary sources when it comes to education reform, but journalist and former teacher Magdalena Slapik sees these voices underused in the classroom. That’s why she’s creating a project to amplify them: a book, featuring nearly 100 student interviews from every state and grade across the nation.

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