At Phoenix, there is only one thing we care about more than the hopes and goals of our students: Empowering our students to successfully reach them.

The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) serves as a critical benchmark for parents, schools, and the state in measuring student progress and determining student readiness to move to the next grade level.

For many Phoenix students, the 10th grade MCAS is a particularly significant hurdle: earning a passing score in both Math and English Language Arts are required to receive a Massachusetts high school diploma. Each year, students enroll in Phoenix after struggling, and failing, to pass the exams in other schools. Our AmeriCorps Fellowship provides students preparing to take the tests, with the individualized attention they need to fill missing skill gaps.

As a result of our scholars’ perseverance and determination, as well as the intensive support from AmeriCorps members and teachers, Phoenix’s 10th grade MCAS scores have grown consistently over time. Phoenix students’ achievement on the MCAS in our first decade is proof of their ability to beat the odds, as well our Network’s ability to successfully turn around a struggling district and replicate our model with fidelity.

As Phoenix scholars outperform their peers at traditional public schools, they prove that all alternative schools serving high-risk students can, and must, demand high academic achievement from every student.

MCAS 2017 Graph