A Teachable Movement

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” ‑Antoine de Saint Exupery

At Phoenix schools, our teachers, AmeriCorps members, student support staff, and administrators are driven each day not only to deliver a college-preparatory education to all students who enter our doors, but also to help reverse the dropout crisis that plagues our communities. Through every wake-up text message and phone call, every late night or Sunday spent lesson planning, and every celebratory announcement in Community Meeting, our revolutionary staff demonstrate their unceasing commitment to the success of our scholars, the Phoenix mission, and to creating change for high-risk students who lack access to college and career pathways.

While Phoenix has grown significantly in its first decade, there is more work ahead of
us. With over 37,000 Massachusetts students on charter school waitlists, the need for Phoenix, and other high performing charter schools, continues and we are committed to answering the call for educational equity. As our Founder & CEO Beth Anderson has led advocacy efforts in support of lifting the current Massachusetts charter school cap, Phoenix has continued to refine and deepen its impact and outcomes, ensuring we are not only a strong proof point for the need for more Phoenix schools, but are also strategically ready for expansion across the Commonwealth.


In addition to opening schools in Gateway cities throughout Massachusetts, we will seek opportunities to work with local schools and school districts to disseminate key pieces of our model. Phoenix has a history of success with these types of partnerships: in Chelsea, our AmeriCorps Fellowship has partnered with the REACH program at Chelsea High School and the Seacoast School in Revere, bringing high-dosage tutoring to students in these schools. In Lawrence, we have partnered with the Lawrence Public School district to open Massachusetts’ first-ever in-district high school run by a charter school network.

As Phoenix moves toward the future, we will always remain faithful to the tenets of our mission, holding the belief that all students, regardless of their history, can succeed academically in high school and in college. While our mission is bold, we believe that we can convince others that we’re right. We believe that our students’ success has shown that alternative schools not only need to challenge their students to reach a high academic bar, but that they must also be held accountable for delivering results on par with public school systems. By placing our schools’ achievements at the forefront of conversations about alternative education, we hope to foster large-scale change in the ways leaders and teachers design, manage, and evaluate alternative schools.

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