Our Teams

It’s YOUR time to Lead

Phoenix schools and the Network provide diverse employment opportunities for our candidates. We look for talent in the following areas:


Ask any student on campus why they love Phoenix and the answer is always the same: “the teachers.” Passionate, effective teachers are the reason Phoenix schools are successful in recruiting, retaining, and pushing students to reach college success. Phoenix teachers go above and beyond to ensure curriculum mastery and to build relationships with students.

Our teaching staff have diverse career backgrounds: some come to us from MATCH teacher residency, others from Teach for America, some are home-grown through our AmeriCorps Fellowship program, and other still are from finance, law, or other non-teaching backgrounds.


Student Support

What is one thing that sets Phoenix apart from other charter schools? Our intensive socio-emotional support system. Phoenix scholars often enter our schools with challenging life circumstances that require nontraditional supports. Our Student Support Team (SST) leads the effort to ensure that all students receive the supports necessary to manage their lives outside of school and achieve success in school.


School Leadership

Phoenix leaders are one-of-a-kind. They are the backbone of the school. They are the ultimate model of culture and achievement.

Each Phoenix school has a Head of School, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, and Director of School Culture. Together, these team members are responsible for staff oversight and development, upholding Phoenix’s strong culture of achievement, and ensuring that the academic potential of each student is met.


Operational Support

Our operations team provides the behind-the-scenes work that makes our schools run smoothly day-to-day. From ensuring proper attendance is taken each period to coordinating lunches, from maintaining a safe facility to supporting Human Resources efforts, our operations team at each school is vital to everyday student success.


Network Support

Our network supports each Phoenix school. But what does this actually look like on a daily basis? It looks like our CEO meeting with Heads of School to discuss student achievement and brainstorm new ways to push our students academically; it looks like our Managing Director of Finance crunching numbers to ensure that our current schools stay on budget and that we can fiscally support new schools; it looks like our Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives building relationships with stakeholders in potential Phoenix cities; and it looks like our COO ensuring consistency and efficiency across the network.

Meet some of our Staff

If you have additional questions about our model or schools, check out our FAQ page for more information.