AmeriCorps Fellowship

The Phoenix AmeriCorps Fellowship Program is a one year tutoring program offered at each Phoenix school. Members are paired with students to provide 1-on-1 or small group tutoring in Math, English Language Arts, and the sciences. Members also offer push-in support in classrooms, lead operational functions, and pilot student activities and athletics.


As an AmeriCorps member, this year will be an entry point into the urban education movement in a state at the forefront of education reform, but more importantly, it will provide an invaluable opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring and talented teenagers in Massachusetts. You will form relationships with these students that will have the power to transform their perceptions of the world, of themselves, and of their futures.

After their year of service, Members report back saying they feel equipped to tackle their own dreams. Former corps members have gone on to attend medical or law school, teach in “No Excuses” schools, enroll in graduate school programs, work at non-profit organizations, and enter the private sector. Though Phoenix Fellowship Alumni have pursued many career paths, many find it difficult to leave the Phoenix family and 37% have continued to work at Phoenix in a variety of capacities, from teaching to Student Support to Development.

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Who We Look For

In addition to embodying our core traits, Phoenix Members exude the following:

  • Growth Mindset. Members believe that all people have the capacity for positive change: no behavior or quality is fixed. This mindset pervades every student interaction and every student perception. Instead of focusing on how a student was yesterday, a Member concentrates on how a student can grow today – and how he or she can facilitate that growth in scholarship.
  • Hard Work. Members demonstrate a can-do attitude and relentless commitment to achieving results for students. They do whatever it takes to help students succeed, often involving tough conversations, initiating new projects, extensive lesson planning, and long hours.
  • Passion. Despite the hard work, Members always come to school the next day with resilience and energy. Members deeply believe in the importance of their work and truly love teaching and motivating teenagers on a daily basis.

Academic Impact

Since the Fellowship began in 2009, Phoenix MCAS scores have risen dramatically. In 2009, only 14% of students reached proficiency in English and 15% of students reached proficiency in Math on the 10th grade MCAS. In the fourth year of the Phoenix Fellowship, 2012 MCAS scholars reached 85% and 72% respectively. Our students have not only caught up to their peers – they have surpassed them. In 2012, Phoenix scholars outperformed three of its sending districts and all local alternative schools.

Many students come to Phoenix grade levels behind in reading and math and need individualized instruction to catch up to their peers in local district schools. Members assist teachers in the classroom, but their most significant academic support is through daily tutoring sessions. High-dosage tutoring provides our students with the one-on-one attention and relentless support they need in order to overcome academic obstacles and succeed in their classes. Members primarily tutor students preparing to take the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) exam, an important academic benchmark to establish that students are on track for high school graduation.

Engagement Impact

60% of Phoenix students arrive with a history of truancy, meaning they attended school two or fewer times per week. In order to increase academic achievement, these students often need to build a connection to school. Members play a significant role in encouraging scholars to not just come through the front doors, but to push through the long hours, put in the extra effort, and keep coming to school every day through graduation.

Like all Phoenix teachers and staff, AmeriCorps Members prioritize relationship building and are always texting students about homework and calling adult supports with praise and concerns. Each year, Members strengthen relationships by forming clubs, coaching sports teams, and leading student activities. Many Fellows also tutor and provide homework help through partnerships at local high schools, and five Fellows serve on the Attendance Transformation Team, which researches and pilots student retention efforts.

Application Process

The Phoenix AmeriCorps Fellowship Program is an intense commitment that promises to push you and profoundly change you. If you believe in our mission and care passionately about serving teenagers who deserve a chance at college success, we want you on our team.

We are currently accepting applications for AmeriCorps Member positions at all three of our Phoenix campuses. Please use our online application. You will hear back from Phoenix Network staff within 2 weeks of your submission.

For more program information review our Fellowship FAQs.