The Phoenix Charter Academy Network manages a growing portfolio of free, open-enrollment, college preparatory public high schools in Massachusetts. The Phoenix Network currently manages three schools, public charter schools in Chelsea and Springfield and a district school in Lawrence, serving a total of 500 students.  Phoenix Chelsea and Phoenix Springfield are two of only four Commonwealth charter schools that actively recruit older, disconnected, and underserved students and empower them for college success through high academic expectations and relentless support. The network plans to operate additional schools in the coming years to serve 1,000 students.


The Phoenix Network operates schools that challenge disconnected students with rigorous academics and relentless support so that they can recast themselves as resilient, self-sufficient adults in order to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Core Beliefs

Our network model revolutionizes alternative education by fiercely upholding key beliefs about the students we serve:

All students will rise to meet high expectations. We believe that students who attend alternative schools can perform at a very high level and therefore should be provided with the best and most challenging education possible. Every teacher at Phoenix knows that our students can be held to a college-preparatory standard and surpass it. Despite students life circumstances or past academic experiences, 100% of our graduates have been accepted to college because they have mustered the grit necessary to tackle our rigorous curriculum.

All students can make positive changes at any time. The most imperative quality Phoenix revolutionaries uphold is genuine, unwavering hope in each student’s potential success. We are rarely surprised by our students’ incredible achievements. By holding hope and believing in the capacity for change, we trusted they could do it all along. Every day, despite students’ recent achievements or failures, we believe they have the potential to succeed not just in class that day, but in class the next day, in class the rest of the year, and in college. When we wholeheartedly believe in our students, they feel more empowered to believe in themselves. With that self-assurance, we’ve seen our students overcome obstacles that manifest in game-changing results for both themselves and for Massachusetts education.

All students deserve outstanding teachers. While leaders take many forms in Phoenix schools, they most directly influence students in the classroom. Students deserve teachers who skillfully differentiate curriculum, emphasize a college-going culture, and push their thinking both about the academics at hand and about their own capacity for high achievement.